Born Again... Again

The scripture that is only spoken by Jesus once and then repeated in 1 Peter 1:23, is “you must be born again.” Though there is much spoken about these few words it still remains a mystery as to why Jesus only spoke this to one of Israel’s spiritual leaders. This means it’s the world that needs salvation and the church needs to be “born again” in order to see the kingdom of God. If you are a Christian don’t get insulted by this, but look at what some of these statements mean.

John 3:3 Jesus answered and said unto him, Verily, verily, I say unto thee, Except (conditional expression) a man be born (spiritual father) again, (from on high) he cannot see the kingdom of God. (Don’t have the power to realize God’s dominion, whether by virtue of one's own ability and resources.) This means that spiritual gifts and even virtue does not give someone the power to see the kingdom of God.

Jesus is speaking to Nicodemus a high ranking man in the church. It was this man’s desire to see more for Israel but the religious spirit that permeated the church at that time created such fear that he was coming to the Son of God in secret to find out more. Why is pursuing the mysteries of God something that must be done in secret?

After breaking down and unpacking some of these words in this one-liner Jesus spoke, I find even more mystery beautifully planted by our Lord. This is a paraphrase of John 3:3.

Unless you can make a conditional expression like your (or as a) spiritual Father from above, none of your virtue or ability will give you the power to realize God’s dominion. John 3:3 paraphrased.

This scene recorded by John had to be explained and revealed to him by the Lord sometime after the meeting. Nicodemus was alone with Jesus so how did John know what was said unless Jesus revealed this conversation? This means the words we see here are exactly as the Lord wanted John to hear and later the believing body of Christ. Again, Jesus is speaking in parables and unless one can hear the heart of the Lord the words will be overlooked.

Christine Potter