Speak: All of Us

Speak: All of Us

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SPEAK a CD from All Of Us: MSU worship school students

I got a strong impression from the Lord about looking for treasure in the places that are sometimes overlooked. I had already been convicted about helping or at least reaching out to the next generation and supporting their dreams. After pondering this a while, the Lord showed me that I needed to get involved with MorningStar’s worship school and look there. I invited Suzy Yaraei to come with me and she agreed. Within a month we could see some hidden talents just under the surface and with a little encouragement they would open up.

By the end of that first year, we found many who had gifting that could be expanded.

Then the Lord began to convict me about teaching a recording class with the interns who wanted to do a second year. Soon this turned into a CD with many writers, singers, and musicians. I had no idea what this would come out like, but we forged ahead.

Soon I started to hear something special emerging and the idea of making a CD for real came out.

These songs “Speak” the heart of a generation and are worth hearing. I feel my investment in them is a small one compared to the fruit I’m already seeing.

Don Potter

NOW AVAILABLE ON ITUNES: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/speak/id992824080