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Don's newest book is now available in paperback and now as a downloadable Kindle book. Follow the link below to find out more.

"When one writes a book on a biblical character, the assumption is there is a need for this. I could not imagine there would be a need for another book about John. So when I felt strongly encouraged by the Lord to do such a thing, I wondered why. In time He explained that every believer is an individual with a different story and testimony of God's touch in their lives. In spite of considerable effort to be like everyone else, we are all beautifully different. The difference is intended to make us strong, but too often it does the opposite. As I studied this letter of John's, I saw some similarities between the church of long ago and the church of today. I also saw the warnings offered by Jesus to avoid these pitfalls. This layman's perspective and faith has been forever changed by the study of the disciple that Jesus loved." - Don Potter


You can order the Kindle version here