Bug Off with Catnip

Bug Off with Catnip

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Action: Enjoy the outdoors with a natural insect protective blend that does not contain DEET. This is blended with fractionated coconut oil but the scent is still very strong. The coconut oil is added so that it is light enough to be used in a spray bottle. This blend contains catnip which is wonderful for repelling insects, relaxing humans(helps with anxiety and insomnia) and a stimulant for felines.

Fragrance Influence: It is a strong earthy rich fragrance.

Application: Rub directly onto exposed skin, use in a spray bottle or apply to a tissue and keep near you while outdoors. Because this oil is blended with coconut oil, it is not good for diffusing. Apply on the bottoms of the feet for a calming effect.

Safety Data: Test small area of skin prior to use for sensitivity. Avoid contact with eyes and while pregnant.

All oils are purchased from Essential Oil University/The Perfumery founded by Dr. Robert Pappas. www.essentialoils.org All The Perfumery oils are GC/MS analyzed by Applied Essential Oil Research for quality assurance and all oils must meet strict odor and analytical requirements before they are accepted for purchase.

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