Daily Dedication Prayer

Daily Dedication


Daily Dedication


Father God, I want to offer the life You have so freely given to me back to

You today as my expression of thanksgiving, praise, honor, and love for You.

Will You please lead, guide, direct, and protect me as You empower my

eyes to see and my ears to hear what Your Spirit is showing and saying

to me?

As I offer my spirit, my soul, and my body to You for a place of habitation, Lord, will You cleanse and rearrange any portion of my being that does not align with Your original design or purpose for my life? I bring my thoughts, words, deeds, and the intents of my heart to You. Thank You for renewing my mind as Your light and grace work in me, helping me to take my thoughts captive and bring them into obedience to Christ and agreement with You.

Holy Spirit, as I open my spirit to You, will You fill me afresh with Your love, joy, and peace; Your kindness, patience, and goodness; as well as Your faithfulness, gentleness, and self control? Will You release into and through me Your words of wisdom, words of knowledge, and discernment of spirits; Your faith, healings, and miracles; tongues, interpretation of tongues, and prophecy?

Lord, I want and need You to supply me continuously with the empowering grace I need to walk out a life that honors the Father and the Son. I believe that as I surrender daily to Your life within me, You will transform me into all You designed me to be. As I live out the fullness of that design through partnership with Your grace, I will accomplish Your purpose for having created me, and thus give the Father the glory that is due Him.

Please forgive me as I confess and repent for the sin, rebellion, and iniquity of myself and my family line, as You, Holy Spirit, reveal these things to me.

Father, I receive Your forgiveness and I forgive myself and my ancestors, as well as anyone who has sinned against me or my family line. I release to the cross all offense and resentment as well as any residual bitterness and grudges I may have inherited or taken upon myself and may still be carrying

Lord Jesus, I receive and appropriate the work of Your blood and Your cross to cleanse me from all curses or defilements I have received in my spirit, soul, or body.

Lord, as You renew my mind, will You cleanse, heal, and reformat my brain and any other organs or systems of my body that have been or are still being affected by these sins, rebellion, or iniquity?

I thank You that Your mercy is new and fresh each morning and I desire it and need it. Lord, as I disconnect from and receive Your release and cleansing from the entanglements and residue of my yesterdays, I ask for Your help to let go of the stress, strain, and anxiety of having believed it was my responsibility to plan my own tomorrows.

Father, I now gratefully let go of that burden of false responsibility and I choose to trust You for Your plan for each of my “todays” and Your daily provision of power for those plans.

Christine Potter