The Sound of Light

The Sound of Light


Most people have some deeply rooted negative emotions which they cannot explain. One lady abhors natural wood doors and insists that all the doors in her home be painted. Another individual will never sit in a church balcony. A third person loathes bearded waiters in a restaurant.

None of these individuals can identify a trauma in their life that would cause them to have such deep emotions about seemingly trivial items. The probability is that they are experiencing a generational memory. One of their forefathers probably had a bad experience with a wood door or a balcony or a bearded waiter. The facts of the original event were stored in the left hemisphere of the brain and have long sense been forgotten. The emotions were stored in the right hemisphere. The facts of the story were probably not passed on from one generation to the next. The emotions of the memory were.

The majority of our values are actually drawn from an emotional database in our right hemisphere which came to us via the eyes of our primary care giver. Data flows at six cycles per second from a parent's left eye to the child's left eye in the same way that data flows from one cell phone to another without wires. Due to fiber optic technology, we now know how to convert data to light and back to data. Long before we figured this out, God designed that dynamic into the parent-child visual relationship.

Learn how your parents' unresolved issues may be embedded in your subconscious mind in a debilitating way.

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