Compatriots are those with whom we share a common citizenship and feel a sense of connection. these are some of the folks we have learned from and been inspired by.


Arthur Burk

Sapphire Leadership Group

"Sapphire Leadership Group, Inc. is a think tank. Our product is new paradigms. Our vision is to be transformational with those new paradigms, not merely informational."


Emotionally Healthy Spirituality

Peter and Geri Scazzero

A plan for discipleship that deeply changes your relationship with God and with others.


Cageless Birds

"Our mission is to be an authentic community of artists and musicians who create out of wholeness and inspire the world into connection with God."


Aslan's Place

 Aslan’s Place has been a forerunner in bringing spiritual discernment to individuals and ministries throughout the world.



Tian Dayton

Dr. Dayton is a Senior Fellow at The Meadows. She is the author of fifteen books including Neuropsychodrama, The ACoA Trauma Syndrome, Emotional Sobriety, Trauma and Addiction, Forgiving and Moving On and The Living Stage. She has developed an approach for incorporating experiential work into treatment programs and group work, Relationship Trauma Repair RTR.