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 building authentic lives from our original design

our culture...

came from a simple idea... publishing truth-filled content that focuses on practical applications of living our original created design.  

We are not a ministry school, worship school or Bible school.  There are no courses on performing better or imaging a better Christian life.  We are interested in living our authentic selves in truth as we walk out the reality of our salvation.

When we began putting course ideas together we quickly realized the content could not come from a pre-designed outline of "what people should know".  Instead it needed to come from our own lives, what we are currently living and walking out and what we have learned along the way.  

We invite you to join us on this journey of stripping off our masks and things we think we know in order to pursue the depths of reality in Christ

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Our Approach

Our approach to classes is as unique as the content.  Most of our courses have come from sitting around a pine table in the kitchen and talking about what the Lord is teaching us now.  The kitchen table is near to our hearts as it seems to be the place where people gather most frequently in the home. It is the place where people linger over good conversation and quality home made food.  

There are many analogies between quality food and spiritual truths throughout the scripture.  Just like we enjoy eating and look forward to meals, we also enjoy eating the "banquet table" the Lord has prepared before us.  Our course topics are more like a banquet buffet table. Feel free to taste a bit of everything and when something tastes VERY good then explore it more.  Savor it.  Enjoy it.  Try it out in the kitchen of your life. And when you find something new or another way of preparing the meal then tell us about it.  The Potter School Haus is, after all, a community table.

So come on in, pull up a chair and try some of what we've been making at home.  We hope you'll love it.  


How Do I Get Started?


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It's Easy to get started

There are 3 primary ways to connect with the Potter School Haus community.

1. Free Community Content

We offer various worship music, teaching videos, crafted prayers, and podcasts (available on the website and iTunes). All of our community resources are available for personal consumption or to share with others.  These resources are completely free.

2. Workbooks and Courses

           Our published materials are available in both written and video formats and can be viewed as an individual or with a group.  

3. Group Course

          Our group courses have specific start dates and run synchronously.  you can join our instructors live or watch it as an archive.  Classes are once a week so there is time to absorb and live the materials.  This format also give the opportunity to chat with others who are taking the course and have time to ask the instructor questions.



Don Potter teaches out of his strong passion for the kingdom of God and our need to be born again, AGAIN! He draws from his intimate time with the Lord to impart revelation and truth to the body of Christ. Don is a lifelong guitarist, songwriter, singer, and musical forerunner who has journeyed through concert stages, studios, and churches, and is a respected and sought-after worship leader.  He also has a heart to see musicians released, both in the church and in the world, seeing their gifts and talents used with excellence while being led by the Holy Spirit.

Christine Potter moves in a flow of spontaneous teaching and training inspired by her own personal journey of restoration.  Christine is a living demonstration of freedom that is available to all of God's children. Testimonies of breakthrough, creativity, renewed vision, joy and new life have come from her seminars all over the world.  Through her timely message, we learn to challenge, nurture, and recharge our lives and the lives of others by aligning our human spirits with the Holy Spirit of the living God. Christine's teaching will release you into deeper intimacy with the Lord and renewed strength to engage God in our everyday lives.

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